On February 6, 2023

Financial Planning for Profitable Sales

Sales, on the surface, may seem simple: Provide an in-demand product and collect profit from consumers who desire that product. Anyone who works in sales, however, and any company that specializes in providing products for public consumption, know that there is great nuance and strategy behind every successful product and notable sale. That’s why financial planning is crucial for ensuring that profits overcome losses, and sales are made strategically and intentionally.

Sales Planning

Sales planning is the staple process used to determine what is being sold, for how much, to whom, and when. Lots of research goes into identifying target markets and what motivates them to buy, and then establishing the right time of year to market effectively, and what marketing strategies would be most enticing for potential consumers. Financial planning, however, must be incorporated into every step of this process as well.

As a client working within your unique market, you remain the expert on your own industry. However, collaborating with your financial planner allows you to combine knowledge and skill sets to ensure that your expertise is backed up by solid financial analysis. For example, if you run a company that manufactures and sells shoes, you will have a high-level of knowledge about how the manufacturing and sale of your product works. A financial planner, on the other hand, will be able to understand the inner workings of your company and be able to identify when sales are at their peak, when they are at their lowest, and how funds can be reallocated during slow seasons to ensure your business remains profitable.

By integrating sales planning and financial planning, your company can create a comprehensive financial plan that juggles your various streams of income and allocates them to appropriate accounts. Financial planning allows you to make more informed decisions about when you can afford to launch a major marketing campaign, how to best organize your workforce to increase productivity when sales are at their peak point and identify when your target audience will be most stable and able to purchase your product.

Strategic iQ is committed to helping clients achieve their professional goals through intentional planning and decision-making. Utilizing the tracking and analytical programs a financial planner has under their belt can upgrade your sales strategy and lead to greater profits in the long run.

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