The Strategic IQ Difference

Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

An effective planning solution must enable modeling within the system itself and not simply consolidate offline data.  In doing so, corporate finance can confidently enforce standard planning methodologies and assumptions for consistent reporting and analysis across the organization.  Strategic IQ’s proven methodologies are optimized for achieving value by encapsulating such modeling techniques within the system itself.  This approach results in a dynamic system capable of advanced What if? and scenario-based modeling.

The financial planning and analysis space offers significant opportunities to aid companies in their attempt to integrate their long-range plan, operating plan and forecast to manage risk effectively, forecast more accurately and reduce cycle times. We have the framework and toolkit to implement world class driver-based planning solutions that effectively integrate operational data with financial planning systems and processes.

Strategic IQ’s team of consultants have vast experience designing, building and deploying planning systems tailored specifically to the automotive industry.  This experience has afforded Strategic IQ the opportunity to identify and leverage best practice solutions that have proven to be effective at OEM and suppliers alike.  Strategic IQ has “packaged” these solutions as a means of accelerating the system build effort thereby reducing the overall project timeline and costs.

Strategic iQ


  • Driver-based forecasting and budgeting
  • What If? / Scenario based planning
  • Run-rate modeling for Pricing / Cost Per Units
  • Target vs Bottom-up Budgeting
  • Integrated Business Planning
  • Advanced data collection and GL/ERP integration
  • Predictive Analysis and Modeling
  • Material Commodity Cost Impact Analysis
  • Integrated Operational Planning
  • Target vs Bottom-up Budgeting
  • Revenue and Cost Planning
  • Balance Sheet / Cash Flow Planning
  • Capital / Asset Planning
  • Project Planning
  • Workforce Planning
  • Rolling Forecasts
  • Cash Forecasting

Strategic iQ

Value Proposition

  • Faster, easier multidimensional analysis and scenario modeling
  • Driver-based planning model at a granular level enables enhanced bridge variance analysis and reporting
  • Improved forecast accuracy through component-based costing
  • De-couple month-end close cycle from forecast to accelerate actionable insight and decision making
  • Fully integrated planning solution for short-, mid- and long-term planning
  • Predict future performance and create alternative scenarios  by connecting operational assumptions to financial outcomes
  • Integrate long-term / strategic plans with short- to mid-term operating plans
  • Integration across financial statements enforces accounting principles in support of driver-based modeling
  • Eliminate time and resources consuming budget cycle by adopting rolling forecast

Strategic iQ

Technology Enablement

  • OneStream XF and OneStream Marketplace solutions
  • Hyperion Planning / Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services
  • Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services
  • Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management (FDM/FDMEE)
  • Data Relationship Governance / Data Relationship Management
  • Oracle Essbase (BSO / ASO / Hybrid)
  • Oracle Hyperion SmartView