The Strategic IQ Difference

Profitability & Cost Management

Consolidated financial results must include visibility to underlying drivers that provide insightful analysis and actionable decision making.  Strategic IQ’s proven methodologies identify key business drivers that impact revenue and costs across the various dimensions of the organization and incorporate into the system design.  The results are a system that enables detailed analysis including an automated bridge for variance analysis down to the product, customer, region level.

Profit and Cost Management is a vastly under-served function within the finance space that can unlock significant business value. With the ever-changing supply chain landscape and international trade laws, the need to effectively manage material and other manufacturing costs is critical to achieving optimal profit margins. We offer our clients leading technical and functional solutions to integrate automated profit and cost management solutions with their global financial planning systems and processes.

Strategic iQ


  • Streamline Profitability and Cost Management
  • Run-rate modeling for Price / Cost modeling
  • Product / Customer Profitability Reporting
  • Material Commodity Cost Impact Analysis
  • Automated Bridge / Variance Analysis
  • Direct Material Optimization / Supplier Sourcing
  • FX Exposure reporting / Risk mitigation
  • Risk and Opportunity Analysis
  • Predictive Analysis and Modeling

Strategic iQ

Value Proposition

  • Automated bridge walk for ad hoc variance analysis across multiple dimensions at the most granular level of detail
  • Quickly create, maintain and deploy cost and profitability models
  • Discover highest margin business opportunities by product, customer, region and other dimensions
  • Conduct in-depth analysis of key performance metrics
  • Faster, easier multidimensional analysis and scenario modeling
  • Quickly create, maintain and deploy cost and profitability models

Strategic iQ

Technology Enablement

  • OneStream XF and OneStream Marketplace solutions
  • Oracle Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management / Profitability and Cost Management Cloud Services
  • Hyperion Planning / Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services
  • Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services
  • Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management (FDM/FDMEE)
  • Oracle Essbase (BSO / ASO / Hybrid)
  • Oracle Hyperion SmartView