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Financial & Operational Planning Unified

Strategic iQ’s Automotive Planning Factory is the first solution built on top of OneStream Software that delivers a holistic solution for Sales & Operational Planning. By leveraging advanced forecasting techniques, sophisticated data modeling, and automated variance analysis, the Automotive Planning Factory provides a holistic solution to drive innovation, optimize operations, and enhance competitive advantage.

Strategic iQ

APF Functionality


Each of these takes advantage of the sophisticated capabilities available within OneStream Software’s platform.

Strategic Forecasting and Scenario Analysis

Strategic iQ’s Automotive Planning Factory facilitates strategic forecasting by operationalizing historical data, market intelligence, and (with our integration to OneStream’s Sensible Machine Learning solution) predictive models to anticipate market trends, demand fluctuations, and capacity constraints. By conducting scenario analysis, manufacturers can simulate various “What If” scenarios and evaluate the impact of potential decisions on production, profitability, and market share. This empowers companies to proactively respond to changes and optimize their strategic plans.

Data Integration and Management

SiQ’s Automotive Planning Factory begins with a robust data integration and management system. By aggregating diverse data sources, including customer insights, market trends, production data, supply chain information, and capacity models, manufacturers gain a comprehensive understanding of their production potential and operational constraints. Advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms can process this data to derive meaningful insights and identify patterns that drive informed decision-making for capital investments, product prioritization and revenue growth.

Data Blended Design

OneStream’s platform has a unique capability that allows it to combine analytic, stage data, relational data, and source transactional reporting in a single financial model. Automotive Planning Factory leverages this sophisticated capability to capture and calculate part level details and costs extrapolated from market volumes and take rates. This empowers Finance Teams to replace their spreadsheet systems and standardize their forecasting methodology across all of their business units and plants. And it empowers plant team members and corporate finance to collaborate around a unified forecast system that aligns operational insights with their financial and management reporting.

Automated Variance Analysis (and Bridge Walks)

SiQ’s Automotive Planning Factory takes advantage of OneStream’s calculation engine to automate the creation of bridge walks using driver-level detail. And because of OneStream’s Extensible Dimensionality, APF can provide visibility to product and program variances. This automation simplifies analysis and streamlines decision-making.

Driver-based Forecasting

Automotive Planning Factory can help finance teams accelerate their journey towards leveraging driver-based forecasting. APF takes advantage of drivers and other inputs to calculate forecasts. Because APF’s driver-based planning methodology calculates products down to part and component level, this improves accuracy and reliability of the results. This helps companies increase the frequency of their forecasting (from monthly or quarterly to weekly or even daily). This includes the potential for supporting a Rolling Forecast or Long Range Plan with the same level of granularity.

Strategic iQ

APF Benefits

Increased Strategic Agility

Strategic iQ’s Automotive Planning Factory empowers automotive manufacturers with real-time insights, predictive analytics, and scenario analysis capabilities. By leveraging advanced data integration and forecasting methodologies, manufacturers can adapt swiftly to market changes, identify emerging trends, and make informed decisions. This enhanced strategic agility allows companies to stay ahead of the competition, seize opportunities, and navigate industry disruptions effectively.

Optimized Operations and Efficiency

Automotive Planning Factory customers are able triangulate demand fluctuations, supply chain projections, and capacity to operationalize a series of continuous improvement mechanisms. By leveraging advanced algorithms, calculations and analytics, manufacturers can determine the profitability of their operations, optimize inventory levels, enhance supplier collaboration, and reduce costs and lead times. This leads to improved operational efficiency, higher productivity, and enhanced customer satisfaction through timely delivery and better resource allocation.

Enhanced Innovation and Collaboration

Strategic iQ’s Automotive Planning Factory fosters a collaborative ecosystem where cross-functional teams and external stakeholders can seamlessly share information, align strategies, and drive innovation. By promoting a culture of collective intelligence, manufacturers can harness diverse perspectives, accelerate innovation cycles and adapt to emerging technologies and market trends. This collaborative approach fosters creativity, improves decision-making quality, and enables manufacturers to stay at the forefront of industry advancements.